suffering expression

October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Some times I guess things are just not meant to be said. I spent the past 5 days and several thousand kip writing a new post -a post that was helping me deal with everything.

But, something out there doesn’t want me to express myself. I couldn’t even log into my blog yesterday. And when I finally could, I found my draft only half there.

And now, since the first piece of writing 5 days ago, something so much bigger has taken over, and I feel I will never be able to express it -ever. But perhaps I will try.



§ One Response to suffering expression

  • Yia says:

    Expressing through technology is still prone to the magic forces of spirit, the great unknown force that operates through the universal world.
    Perhaps your guides are protecting your soul from the window shopping of those who are accquaintences and what you are expressing is the sacredness of your being which needs protecting.
    Tried to call on your ph. but couldnt get through, is there a prefix I should be using? Will try again later.
    Love always and blessings on the next leg of your journey..mum

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